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Discussion created by Travis Cox on Jul 25, 2017
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For those not at InstCon today, a quick update on an unconference event - the Community Intelligence Exchange (CIE). There's certainly a variety of people at the session - lots of different perspectives with learning designers, teachers, sysadmins, and data analysts. The session was set up by round tables submitting ideas through post-it notes for broad topics of interest, and then subsequently broken down into groups for discussion.


One of the discussion groups was around Canvas Data which was a useful mechanism for making new connections with others who are also exploring data at both the system and course level. An agreed challenge was some of the licensing requirements for Tableau or other tools required to share data reports and analytics with broad audiences. It was noted in some institutions they could build a report about X, but to share that with a Dean, they often had to purchase a $500 individual license, which represented some blockages in scalable data sharing. Improving some of the reporting interfaces built into Canvas, particularly for Faculty/School-level tool usage analytics would meet some of these needs for a number of institutions. 


Another session included use of Blueprint and Canvas Commons for course design, though the conversation was a little challenged by the limited hands-on experience by many of those in attendance. Basically, a bunch of people joined a table hoping to learn from the experience of others who had already explored and implemented but the lack of direct experience for most people meant there were a lot more questions than answers as a result of the recency of Blueprint availability. There's obviously interest in the opportunities for this tool, but I think it's just too new for the community-only discussion and probably is something folks will follow up on with Instructure staff over the next couple of days for demonstrations.


Unfortunately, this CIE session overlapped with the International Pre-Conference Day so I had to move on after 90 mins, but it provided an opportunity for useful connections with individuals. It was also interesting to catch up with a few old colleagues and friends from the Bb community, with their institutions also moving or having already moved to Canvas.