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Extra Credit Question/Concern

Question asked by Grigor Ketenchian on Jul 27, 2017
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Hello All,

I have a quick question regarding how to give Extra Credit in a course. I've already read all the help pages on Extra Credit, and while I found them very helpful, they didn't quite answer the question I have.

What I do in my face-to-face course is offer 2% extra credit at the end of the semester to students with perfect attendance. The 2% is added to their overall final grade percentage. So, for instance, if the student has an 85% in the class, but they have perfect attendance, I add 2% extra credit to their final grade percentage to bring them up to an 87%.


In Etudes, there was an Extra Credit category of assignments in the Gradebook that used to allow me to set this up. However, since Canvas only allows you to add Extra Credit to an existing category of assignments, does this mean I am not able to add 2% extra credit to the overall grade in the Gradebook feature? Is there a way to work around this?


Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thank you!


Grigor Ketenchian