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Best way to manage the same instructor across multiple sections?

Question asked by Michael Bruzzi on Aug 1, 2017

Within our higher-ed institution we have approximately 80 individual courses and 6000 students. Some courses have 30 students others have 500+. We limit one instructor to a section of 30 students. One instructor may have multiple sections within the course or they could have just one.



INST = Instructor


The issue we're facing is that when an instructor is allocated across multiple sections replies to a discussion it gets posted across all sections therefore students are seeing discussion replies from outside of their section.


I've seen from previous questions people have suggested allocating a new course per section:


IE. This would mean:
Course 1 > Section 1
Course 1 > Section 2

Course 1 > Section 3 


Unfortunately because of our size/scale from an administrative view this would be a nightmare for our academics/instructors to manage i.e one academic could have 20 Courses/Sections to manage.


We've tried to use groups as a why to isolate discussion replies however the feedback was that was extremely messy and confusing for instructors. 


Hoping someone could suggest another possible solution?