Alexa Commands that Work with Canvas

Discussion created by hvaughn@pensacolastate.edu on Aug 1, 2017

I've been experimenting with the Alexa and Canvas connection.  I have it set up and am connected, but there are not a lot of commands that work besides these:

  • Alexa, open Canvas
  • What do I have today?
  • Do I have any missing assignments?
  • List grades


I am also trying to understand what constitutes an "active" course. When I ask for "Ungraded Quizzes" I get the response that I am not in any active courses.  I am the facilitator for several online training courses with 100+ students with ungraded submissions. I consider these courses to be active, as they are open enrollment without end dates. So, I am not sure what setting(s) indicates an active course to Alexa.


Is anyone else experimenting with the Alexa/Canvas connection and willing to share what they are learning?  I'd love to explore this more.  In order to do so, it would be helpful to know commands that work, what settings indicate a course is active, etc. as well as anything else that trips you up.





Renee Carney has a blog post about the Alexa announcement at InstrutcureCon 2017

"Alexa, ask Canvas..." 

Also: Canvas Skill for Amazon Alexa