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Controlling and logging anonymous marking

Question asked by Joel Mills on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Rob Ditto

The new features look great, especially the persistence of view, especially when this comes to anonymous marking. It is essential that once the marking is put in to anonymous mode, that it sticks when switching between speedgrader and the grades tool (and anywhere else in the course!)


What we need to be able to do though is for a higher authority to turn on anonymous marking.

SO the question is...

Can you make it possible for any/all of the following options to be added to the toggle for anonymous marking?

a) prevent the teachers in the course from being able to override it and turn it off

b) have a complete and visible log of who turned it off and when they turned it off and for what reason

c) requests for turning off anonymous marking are made by the teacher and sent to a third party with higher permissions to turn off anonymous marking.


I know that there is a bigger piece of work on anonymous marking being done as it was announced at InstructureCon, however, as this is linked to Gradebook, we need to have a joined up conversation.