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How are student numbers allocated in anonymous marking?

Question asked by Kathy Scott on Aug 2, 2017
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How are student numbers allocated when anonymous marking is turned on? I thought it was to do with the first student interacting with a course becoming Student 1, the second being Student 2 etc. However, we had an assignment open this week and when someone submitted late to it, they became Student 21 right in the middle of the cohort and the ones below (who'd submitted before them) all got shifted down by one Student number (e.g. Student 24 became Student 25, and the original Student 21 became Student 22). Also, we ask students to submit to two different assignments within the same course so that two markers can mark blindly/independently, and the submissions are labelled with different student numbers within each assignment (e.g. student X is Student 21 in marker 1's assignment, but is Student 42 in marker 2's assignment). What is the logic to the Student numbers please?