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.imscc Upload from Canvas to It's Learning

Question asked by Kevin Wright on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Kevin Wright

Not sure if this is the best group for this question but never the less...


I work in Canvas (obviously) and I recently sent a copy of a course to an institution who uses it's learning to do a common cartridge upload. The institution is now saying that "the data load has not started because the file does not contain any metadata such as learning objectives or keywords".


Then I was sent this:


Vendor: *******

File: \\US2300\ImportFiles\ContentVendors\*****\****-master-course-export.imscc

  • ITSLUS.ItsLearning.Import.ImportCourse:1
  • ITSLUS.ItsLearning.Import.ImportFolder:17
  • ITSLUS.ItsLearning.Import.ImportPage:851
  • ITSLUS.ItsLearning.Import.ImportAssessment:28
  • Objects with Learning Objectives:0
  • Total Learning Objectives:0
  • Objects with Keywords:0


Can anyone tell me what exactly the problem might be? I've never seen anything in Canvas during a course export that allowed me to add Learning Objectives or Keywords. Furthermore, why would this stop a common cartridge upload?