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Math Exams: Respondus LockDown Browser; Show Work in Questions

Discussion created by John Alexander on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by John McGowan

Shelton State Community College implemented Canvas in the Fall 2016 semester, so we're still somewhat new.


The College has implemented Respondus' LockDown Browser for online courses. Our Math faculty want to know how to give exams in online courses so that students must show their work on each problem. The faculty use the "show your work" requirement to give partial credit even if the students give the wrong answer to the question.


I thought I had found an answer: basically, the faculty could create essay questions so the students would have access to the math equation editor tool. Students could then type their work so the faculty can follow the progression of their work on the problems.


Today, a math instructor torpedoed the idea by discovering that students have access to every tool on the essay question toolbar, including YouTube and Wikipedia. Therefore, a student could "choose" to embed a YouTube video and instead watch the video. The instructor quickly found a video on integrals and watched the video in the lockdown browser before answering the question.


Here's the thing. I know someone, somewhere, has found a way to give math exams in the lockdown browser in a way that students must show their work on the problems. Has anyone on this group found a way to do this, and would you share it with me? A dinner at one of Tuscaloosa's numerous restaurants, if you're ever in the area, is on the line to demonstrate my profound gratitude.