Access to Another's Courses

Discussion created by Expert on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Ken Black

Does your institution have a formal policy that describes who is allowed to have access to another instructor's course in Canvas?  If so, would you kindly share your policy doc or URL?


Specifically, these are the types of scenarios that I'm curious to see how they'd be addressed at other institutions:

  • An instructor dies, gets ill, or is otherwise unable to continue teaching the course.  Who can request access to that instructors courses for the purpose of continuing teaching the current course with minimal disruption?
  • An instructor leaves abruptly at the end of the term and forgets to turn in grades.  Who can access the course on behalf of the instructor to submit final grades?
  • An instructor gets reassigned to a different course or department before the course begins, but after content is loaded in the Canvas course shell.  Does the new instructor have access to the existing course content or do you somehow reset the course?
  • An instructor leaves the university and deletes ALL of the course content (including assignments, grades, etc.) from their course before leaving the university.  The department chair is concerned about some students protesting their grade and requests access to the course.  Who has access to the course as-is, and do you undelete the course content to restore full access to the course content?