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Using Office 365 to authenticate user -is it free?

Question asked by Giacomo Occhipinti on Aug 3, 2017
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Hi all, 


I have a question regarding cost attached in using O365 credentials to authenticate users in canvas.


Our institution has a 'Office 365 for Education 100% Free' package with Microsoft and we would like to use the authentication feature. Are you aware of any costs attached to using this feature?


In this documentation: Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with Canvas Lms | Microsoft Docs  there is a reference to: 

  • An Azure AD subscription
  • A Canvas single-sign on enabled subscription

Are these necessary for us to use the authentication feature? 

Is the Azure AD integration required to use the authentication feature?



I would like to hear from an institution that has a similar setup, to see if they incurred in extra costs.



Many thanks