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Sign Up Tool for Viewable by Institution Courses

Question asked by Jessica Jones on Aug 4, 2017
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We have several courses that are viewable to the entire institution.  We would like to be able to offer institution wide "sign ups" (i.e. for booking onto events open to all students).  However, we can't use the Scheduler tool, as there are no students linked to these courses - they are viewable to all students, and linked to from various other courses they are enrolled on.

Does anyone have any suggestions for work arounds for this? Have thought about using an embedded Google Doc or similar, but can't seem to find the required functionality - i.e. limiting slots to one student per slot, preventing students from overwriting into already booked slots, etc.


We also tried enrolling all students into this course, instead of having it as viewable to the insitituion, but this generated lots of negative feedback as students recieved too many notifications! (And they didn't want to adjust their settings and miss out from notifications from other courses).


Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!

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