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Want to see when grades in discussion board should be updated...

Question asked by Bill Gibson on Aug 7, 2017
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I'm not sure I know how to ask this, and am piecing together what an instructor appears to be asking...


"...I am teaching online courses that rely heavily on student interaction and discussion in a series of different discussion boards that are devoted to different topics covered by the course. The interactions take place over time and all the discussion boards are open for the entire semester. The students receive grades for their contributions in each board that are updated as they post additional contributions and respond to the other students in the course...


I want to be able to see when grades in discussion boards should be updated due to new contributions. I want to be able to do see this in the Speed Grader.


Until just this summer, things worked perfectly. The grades view would always show me whenever a new contribution had been made; it would always be possible to see whether a new post was added by a student since the last grade was posted. From the Speed Grader I could then just upgrade the grades for those students who had added something new to each discussion board..."


Have I presented enough for someone to know what the professor is asking for, and if there has been a change to Canvas which broke what was working for him?  And, if there is some workaround that the instructor could use to accomplish what he apparently could do easily, previously?