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What is the method for viewing all edits to a discussion post/reply?

Question asked by Lisa Johnson, PhD on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Crystal Wright


If a student edits their discussion post/reply:

1) are the prior versions/edits accessible by the instructor and other students in the discussion? How?

2) are the prior versions/edits accessible by the instructor when grading in Speedgrader? How?


I would like to allow students the opportunity to edit to make Mechanics/Written Communication-style adjustments for minor spelling, grammar, punctuation, and citation errors. However, I cannot enable the editing feature for replies because I cannot ensure significant revisions will not occur, i.e.,  deter students from significantly revising a prior post disrupting the flow or coherence of the conversation that may have developed during replies to their initial post or removing content in violation of community/university standards. I have searched and cannot determine if Canvas has this feature. 


In some LMSs, after an edit to a discussion reply, an icon appears near the poster's name at the top of the reply that, if clicked, opens a history-view showing all of the versions/edits made. Thus, the discussion posts function as a wiki-like content platform whereby versions/edit histories are retained and visible during grading (important!) and for anyone else during in the actual discussion. This is a desired feature in Canvas and I am hoping I am just overlooking the setting somewhere.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!