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Awarding negative points to a Quizz or using Certainty-based marking in Canvas

Question asked by Per-Einar Rosenhave on Aug 11, 2017
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Hello all,

I'm new to Canvas but have used Moodle for some years. I am teaching ship stability and within this field guessing solutions to real life problems may cause a ship to turn upside down. Either you know what to do in a dire situation or you ask someone who knows. You never guess!

Well, - I want to teach my students the same and therefore I want to punish them severely if they are guessing on e.g. a quizz. In Moodle you have two ways of achieving this, either by awarding negative points to a wrong answer or by using Certainty-based marking (CBM), - asking the student how sure he/she is that the answer given is correct. Are there similar possibilities available in Canvas?

Regards PeR