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Problem: Canvas email notifications contain link to my non-Canvas email.

Question asked by Michael McCain on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Michael McCain

I know that when I send an email to my students while I'm in Canvas, the student will receive the email inside Canvas as well as an email to their separate school email address essentially notifying them that a message is waiting in Canvas.  However, in that email, there is a hyperlink to my school email address.  I do not want students emailing my school email address.  That link should not be there in my opinion as it mixes two separate email systems.  If the button is there, students will click it.  Murphy's Law.  : )


It creates two places where an instructor must check for class emails... in Canvas and in their school email.  Can that hyperlink to school email address be turned off?  I don't want my students emailing my school email address at all.  Sending their emails solely through canvas allows me to store every email conversation with a student in one place, which I think is the point of having a housed system.    Plus if it gets sent there I'll still get a notification in my school email address.  I only see benefits to doing it this way.


Mike McCain

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