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Quiz Item Analysis

Question asked by Heather Garcia on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Heather Garcia

I'm trying to understand Canvas quiz analytics better, and I have a few questions about the item analysis report that, perhaps, someone could help me answer.

  • First, why is the discrimination index not included in the .csv file? It only appears on the quiz statistics screen.
  • Second, how is alpha (reliability) calculated for quizzes? According to this document, Chronbach's Alpha is used. In one of my item analysis .csv files, the alpha score is 1.112083683. How is it that this quiz has a score greater than 1? Can someone describe, in layman's terms, how alpha is calculated?
  • I watched the Item Analysis in Quizzes video, but I'd like more information on how to interpret quiz item analysis in Canvas. Does anyone have any resources they can recommend?
  • Also, I know some faculty at my institution use the item difficulty index to identify questions that are too easy or too hard, but I'd be interested in hearing about other practical applications of Canvas quiz statistics. How do you use quiz statistics and analytics to improve your assessments?