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From where a data file is getting its data within Canvas?

Question asked by Sirish Malisetty on Aug 9, 2017

I am a data analyst and use Canvas, primarily for its data and I had less knowledge on 'actual' canvas.

I started with Canvas Guide to get familiar with the tool(portal).

All these days I was just looking at flat files and now, when I navigate through canvas portal(tool), when I follow the guide, it is easier to relate how the data in files is related to these pages -Courses/Assignments etc...  They are so Helpful.

Wondering if there is any handbook, that tells I need to check this particular data file, if I need data from so and so page on portal.

Right now, i am relying mostly on the schema doc.

Is there any effective way (that any of you're trying) to refer to the right data file if you need a particular information from canvas?