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Trouble Saving Edited Discussions & Assignments

Question asked by Adam Piper on Aug 9, 2017
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Sorry if this isn't a new thing, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the guides or in this forum...


I recently imported content to my Fall 2017 courses from my Fall 2016 courses, removing the due dates.  I need to make a few tweaks in the assignments and discussions I'm using this year, so I want to edit some of these existing assinments.  I was able to successfully edit the titles, descriptions and details of several assignments in multiple courses, until I couldn't save my edits any longer.  For some reason, on about the 15th assignment I was editing, when I clicked the SAVE button or the SAVE AND PUBLISH button at the bottom of the page, nothing happened.  I can still click the CANCEL button to return to my list of discussions without saving any changes, but I cannot save any new edits.


After a lot of trial and error, it seems that this only happens if the "Graded" checkbox is selected.  If I uncheck the "Graded" box, I can save the edited file just fine.  Of course, that means that I no longer have any point value or due dates, which is of course not useful.  Later, if I come back and edit again, rechecking the "Graded" box, I can in fact save the edited file provided that I only edit the grading details (nothing else).  This is very strange, and was extremely frustrating in trying to manage 4 courses in Canvas, at least until I figured out the little work around above.  


I have used Canvas for 5 years and do not remember having this problem before this week.  I have tried three browsers (Chrome, Edge, and IE) and two different PC's (each running Windows 10), and had the same problem with the same assignments.  Can you give me any advice on how to avoid this problem altogether as I create and edit assignments and discussions?