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Question asked by Chelsea Noble on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Kona Jones
1. easily see my feedback per student per class in a one-screen format
2. directly write onto a child's assignment in a notability-like format
3. assign work to individual students without other students seeing the work meant for only certain individuals 
4. send work to only certain class periods and not to others 
5. time when an assignment is posted to a class (I may want to assign a quiz, but I don't want my 7th hour students to access the quiz prior to 7th hour).
6. send out quick questions as a check for understanding and see all class answers in one quick format so that I can do quick, on-the-spot conferencing 
7. host discussion boards where students can easily read comments from other students and reply, but in a way where they unable to see what others say about the topic until after the student makes an initial post
8. make a copy of an assignment per student via google docs, slides, etc. so that each student's work is automatically attached to the canvas assignment while also automatically saving by use of the google platform
9. view how many students and which students have completed and turned in an assignment in a one-screen efficient manner
10. send an assignment back to a student to re-do where they can unsubmit and resubmit showing that they have made improvements on their previous work
11. complete an assignment on a PDF as they would on notability but not have to take the assignment to notability (in other words, complete it within canvas so that it automatically saves work and I can check on their work over time prior to it being submitted)