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Sporadic Error Messages in LTI

Discussion created by Jill Bond on Aug 10, 2017
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I am helping faculty set up a Canvas course that is due to go live soon. When the faculty tested if Turnitin (TII) assignments were working in the “Student View,” she found they were not – the error message was “LTI error – The field “lis_person_contact_email_primary” is not a valid email address - null” and alerted me.


As a Canvas admin, I masqueraded as several different students in the course and reviewed all TII assignments. I found over half of the TII assignments gave the student this message when loading a new window: “This assignment does not have a valid assignment title, start date, and / or due date. Please contact your instructor for more information.” Other TII assignments did work, some of which loaded in a new window (as specified), and some that did not.


I checked the settings and all looked well regarding dates and optional settings. I masqueraded again as a student and found that all TII assignments worked for the students I had just masqueraded as. In other words, all appeared to be working well 30 minutes later.


To the first issue, TII Support said it may be a configuration setting ("make sure the privacy setting in the LTI external tool configuration is set to public"), which was not the case here. To the second issue, TII said it could be a date accuracy issue post-course copy, which was not the case here. No response as to why the quick shift to functional.


All seems fine now, but I am being watchful for LTI stability issues post-August 5 update. Let me know if you have experienced anything similar.