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Log in for Community?

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

(You all have been so great to answer my questions! We are just getting started with implementation and learning a lot!)


And so another question -- Does a user have to be logged into a Canvas system in order to log into this Canvas Communities site?


My personal accounts are probably a bit messed up, since we piloted and I used different usernames/emails, but for me, when I go to log into this communities site, I have to log into our Canvas first, then hit the Log In for Canvas Community. Then it says "Oops, we can't log you in automatically", and I pick our institutional site from the drop down, and it logs me in just fine. (Hope that make sense!)


The reason I am asking -- I am recommending to our faculty (who don't have accounts yet in our Canvas system -- we are moving toward SIS integration, but not there yet) to browse or join the community to learn more about Canvas.  


Will they be able to log into Canvas community if they don't have an account in a Canvas system?


Thank you!