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Locking a Quiz After Students Take a Quiz

Question asked by Stephanie Pope on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by Kenneth Todd Stevens

Once a student has taken a quiz (final exam) we need to be able to lock the quiz because it's sensitive content. I locked the quiz using the settings. It shows "closed" on the quiz view page. I wanted to double check how this looked in the student view. In modules, the student view looks like this:Canvas_StudView_Modules.PNG

Now, I wanted to double check through the students Grades view, and found this:


The content is still visible to the student! How do we truly lock a quiz so students can't see the content at all? Our current workaround is disabling the Grade from the sidebar. Luckily we only have one student in the course.


Should I add this as an "idea" to fix? Or is this a bug?


Thanks for you help! I really appreciate it.