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Nested Subaccount CSS Inheritance

Question asked by Jarred Truschke on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Alexander Kaufmann

Hi everybody,


I'm hoping to get some clarification on something that has been unclear to me, and gain some insight... 


Themes are inherited from the account level, so that you can have a master theme, and then a subaccount theme that works along with the master theme that is loaded from the account level.


I was hoping that cascading inheritance functionality was in place for nested subaccounts as well; meaning that a subaccount would inherit the theme from the account level, but then also its parent subaccount, and then its own theme.


A subset of the structure I'm working with looks like this...


University (main account)

     Zone (Online, Media Media, Organizations, etc)



We're actually rolling something out by College (School), but each college resides in a "zone". Zones are defined as Online, Organizations, Mixed Media, etc. Each zone has styles that apply to them, and then each college has styles specific to them as well. I can't roll up changes from the Online zone to the main University account, since the Mixed Media zone has different needs, so I really do need to have 3 levels of cascading styles applied. 


I thought that styles were inherited down through subaccounts, but it doesn't appear to be working this way. When you read the documentation here closely...


It seems to state that a subaccount can have it's own style, and then inherit from the Main Theme (so no cascading down through subaccounts). It also seems that after the Main Theme is applied, that a page will apply the nearest Theme (with the CSS applied) based on the subaccount the page resides in, and will ignore the theme from the subaccount nested above it.


I can certainly copy the style from the Zone theme and apply it to the School subaccount theme as needed, but then if a style changes, I need to go into all of the other subaccounts and change them there too, which is what we're trying to avoid.


Has anybody else had any experience with this? I'd appreciate any insight!