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General Answer Comments Lost when Copied over from Question Bank ?

Question asked by Panda Giant on Aug 14, 2017
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The General Answer Comments of a question will be lost when copied over from a question bank of an old course to a new course? 


I searched to find the answer but I did not. Please enlighten me if the general answer comments will be erased when you copy a question bank question to a new course?  


The problem is kind of subtle, if you create the question as a new question in the source course, the question and general answer comments will be copied over without any problem to a new course,  but if your source question was generated from a question bank in the source course, when copied over to the target course,  both the question bank question and the quiz question lose their general answer comments. 


Some of my faculty use this feature as a hint, but I noticed when you copy them over to a new course, it totally disappeared. Is there a fix for it? or I am doing something wrong?