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"hide" a class that is public to my institution

Question asked by doug melven on Aug 14, 2017
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We have several different curriculum areas built out that we want staff to be able to access. The solution that we came up with is to make each class public (to our institution) , then created a "master" course that links out to each of the curriculum areas.  We are doing this to to minimize enrollment issues and hopefully minimize staff seeing too many courses on their dashboard. And, if a staff member is a math teacher and has a question about a english course, they can find the answer without being enrolled in two areas. Yes, we could put all these resources in one class, but for now they will reside in

individual classes.


This should work well for our institution, but the resources should only be available to teachers enrolled in the "master" course.  If a student were to randomly change their course id, they could see the content in our "public" courses.


Is there anyway make enrollment dependent on being enrolled or accessing through the "master" course?  Is there anyway to hide the url of a "public" course.  Is there a way to create a second domain, say one for teachers and one for students?