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I have some files that I use in every one of my courses. How do I make one copy available to all students?

Question asked by Michael Bowen on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Michael Bowen

I have certain files which are "common" or "shared" in the sense that I would like students in all of my courses to be able to access them (but not in the sense that I want to post them to Commons; they're not for everyone, just for my students). To conserve space, I am trying to figure out how to upload just one copy of these files, then link to them from an introductory module in every course. At the moment, it seems I have to upload these same documents to each and every one of my courses, which is tedious, duplicative, and wasteful of storage space.

I tried placing the common files in My Files and linking to them there, but student access to files in this folder is blocked ("access restricted") by the system. I can view the files in instructor mode, but not in Student View; my students have confirmed that they cannot see the files stored in My Files either. I don't know how to remove the access restriction to the My Files folder (or whether it is even possible or desirable). Is there some other common-to-a-single-instructor storage place for files that is accessible to students? Or is there a better way to accomplish this?