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Erratic point distribution when editing rubrics

Question asked by Robert De Groff on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Kerri Haan

Hello all,


I recently created a 100 point rubric for my Art Appreciation course with three criteria, weighted as follows: 40%, 30% and 30%.


I then decided to add another criterion and weight them as 35%, 25%, 25% and 15%. I assumed that when I changed the points possible in the far right-hand column, the rubric would fill in the rest and distribute the points evenly, as it did when I first created the rubric. However, strange things ensued:



With the exception of the last criterion, which is all-or-nothing, each criterion has four possible levels of achievement, corresponding to A, B, C, D/F. But note now that the third column in the top criterion scores 11 pts. and the next one down scores 12 pts., even though the top criterion is worth 35% and the one below is 25%.


The third criterion, Creative Effort, is totally messed up, going from from 25 pts., "excellent" to 0, 0, 0 for the rest.


Changing the points in the far right column to "0", then back to 25 seemed to work--sometimes. Manually changing the points at each step within the criterion did not work at all.


Finally, after much finagling, I think I have a rubric that will work, but what a pain!



I am new to working with rubrics in Canvas. Am I doing something wrong here, or are there some serious bugs?