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Over ride "accept invitation" default

Question asked by Taintor Amanda on Aug 17, 2017
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I am trying to figure how to (or if it's even possible) override the default in one class in which manually enrolled students must "accept invitation" before being enrolled in a course.  Currently our courses pull from our SIS system to create courses and enroll students. 
The reason: We have a set of large courses which have been created by combining multiple course sections. These have been successfully cross listed in Canvas BUT a few instructors would like to take attendance using a seating chart. Unfortunately the roll call tool does NOT aggregate students together allowing for the creation of one seating chart. We figured out a workaround to manually create an "attendance course",  manually enroll all students from the three separate sections and then take attendance from that course while 'operating' the actual course in the cross listed section. Phew!
The problem is that when students are manually enrolled in the "attendance course" they must accept the invitation, but to do so the course must be published which we don't want to do because it's not an actual course. 
I hope that makes a little bit of sense.....any suggestions? Instructional Designers