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Do changes in a blueprint course send notifications?

Question asked by Melinda Yerdon on Aug 18, 2017
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I see in a blueprint course that you CAN send a notification when a sync takes place, but does it send out a notification to associated courses when a change in the content is made in the blueprint course?


Here's the issue: We use master course shells that one teacher creates, updates, and maintains. Other people are added to these master courses as TAs so that they have access to see the content and copy it into their own courses. However, whenever the teacher makes changes in the master course, the TAs get notifications that something has changed and it can be a bit much when the teacher is making those changes. Yes, the TAs could just ignore the notifications, or change their notifications preferences, but we were wondering if blueprint courses would eliminate this. In my head, I would think, yes it should help with the notifications because only the teacher is enrolled in the course, the other courses are only associated, not the other people.




Thank you!