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Distributed Course Enrollment

Question asked by Per Bisseberg on Aug 18, 2017
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We currently have request from one of our faculties regarding partially combining courses.



We currently have three courses that belongs to three study programs within the same faculty, let's call them Course A, Course B and Course C. These courses are defined as individual courses in our SIS and we are not permitted to make changes to the courses in the SIS, so eventual structural changes must be done in Canvas.



The faculty has identified similarities in parts of these courses and decided that they want the students from Course B and Course C to be enrolled into Course A on the Canvas side, but not on the SIS side. The idea is that the students of Course B and Course C should be able to deliver assignments and get them graded in Course A. The course content such as assignments that differentiate from Course A should be handled by and in Course B and Course C respectively.


Current situation:

Current situation

Requested structure:


Attempt at a solution:

Our first thought was to cross list the sections from Course B and Course C to Course A, which kind of works for enrolling the students access to Course A. But since a section, as described in How do I cross-list a section in a course?, "Sections can only be in one course at a time", this is not viable option because this results in Course B and Course C loosing all enrollments.


Result of cross listing sections:



I suspect we are not the first institution faced with this type structure request. Is there mechanics within Canvas we can pursue to accomplish such a course organization?