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LTI Integrations in Testing and Beta

Question asked by NYCDA Dev on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by NYCDA Dev

Hey everyone,


I have a question as to strategies you have taken when integrating an LTI into the Canvas workflow.  We've built our own attendance taking LTI and have come across an issue with regards to how Canvas copies Production data to Testing and Beta.  Part of the data that gets copied over are any LTI integrations.  The issue we are having is that our Production Attendance LTI that points to our production servers is being copied into the "testing" and "beta" instances.  This creates a problem as now there is the potential for someone to change production data from a test or beta instance.  We could manually override this on a weekly basis, but that isn't a sustainable option. We could solve this in the code by checking the referrer but I was hoping for a different solution.  


Thanks everyone.