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Help importing cartridge/Display of HTML

Question asked by Alexis Guethler on Aug 20, 2017
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I have been using Canvas for 3 years, but have yet to successfully import course tools from my textbook. 


Publisher: Macmillian

File type: imscc


I am successful downloading the file, and using the course upload to import it into canvas.  After that point all files (animations, activities, etc) are html files.  They show up in nicely divided modules, but only work when downloaded (and then sometimes)   If you click on the file it fails to load in both chrome and ie.    I get the link to download and a box with the word loading in the left hand corner.  The never actually load.  


All information I can find seems to refer to single sign on and deep integration - neither of which are desired for this course.   Macmillan Learning: Canvas for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World Second Edition by Michele Shuster; Janet…