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Homework Submission external tool "Invalid Submission type given"? And disabling file upload?

Question asked by Austin Cory Bart on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by Peter Love

I am experimenting with using the "Homework Submission" feature for external LTI tools. After incorporating it, I had a few questions.


1) I can successfully have my server generate a URL, but Canvas doesn't seem to accept it. Something about a bad request? Is this because I didn't set something correct? In case it helps, here's the form parameters:




And the error message:

Invalid submission[submission_type] given



2) Is there any way to disable the "File Upload" tab, or make it later in the list of options? I feel like users will be easily confused when it comes time to submit, and will upload the files instead of using the LTI tool.