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Google Integration/restricitons at the institutional level?

Question asked by on May 15, 2015
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Recently i was tasked with reviewing our Google for Education account and better ways to utilize its features.  During my testing i was integrating some Google Drive test accounts in Canvas when i was asked if we could limit the integration to just our university domain on Google.


This would mean that users (students and faculty) could not integrate personal/non university affiliated Google accounts.  They could only integrate accounts from our Google domain for education.


The way I see things now from testing in Canvas and reading the guides/community is that the Google integration is at the user account level only and i cannot place restrictions as to what accounts can be used for said integration.  Through testing i did find that if a faculty member used our Google domain to create a collaboration that that collaboration was restricted to our domain (because we have sharing outside the domain turned off).  So my test student that used a personal standard Google account outside the domain could not access the collaboration.


My main question is do i have this right?  Is there any way in Canvas for me to restrict Google drive access for all my users (though just faculty would suffice)?  To be honest I am not sure this is something Canvas could do without working with Google but i wanted to ask.  With date privacy and control being a big issue the idea of not being able to collaborate with uses outside our domain and making sure no one shares course collaborations and materials outside of our users in Canvas/Our Google Domain seems to be an increasingly relevant topic.  Looking for any thoughts anyone may have on this and if this seems like a worthy feature i can create a feature request.  Thanks!