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Permissions for Head of Faculty

Question asked by Greg Dabelstein on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Josh Frielich

How do other K12 set up roles for Heads of Department/Faculty.


We have:

  • A course for each year level subject and each class within that is a section. eg. Year 11 English - course with EN11A , EN11B etc as sections.
  • We have students and staff set to only interact with those of their section.
  • We have SIS import runing directly fed fromour timetable.
  • We have sub accounts for each Dept.
  • Each Facuilty Head has admin for their sub account.I manually add these permissions outside of the SIS import process.


The issue is that even though I have the permission 'View all marks' and 'View all students submissions and make comment on them' active the Heads do not get this when looking at the students in the courses in their account.


Basically, I want a Head of Department ot have access to any course and students within.


Can anyone else share their knowledge?