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Hide assignments from students until they are available, how to fix?

Question asked by Arne Schwettmann on Aug 22, 2017
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I have many future assignments that I want the students to see only once they become available, not as soon as they are published. I will never remember to click "publish" at just the right time for each assignment. I want the visibility to automatically change at a certain time and date.


For example, I might work on the next week's and the following week's assignments. I set the "available from:" date to the future date when I want the students to see the assignment. E.g. for the one assignment, this will be Wednesday next week at noon. For the other assignment, this will be Wednesday in two weeks at noon.


However, as soon as I click "publish" for my assignments, the students can see them!


a) I don't want to confuse my students with all these assignments showing up way to early. And when they click on the assignments, they get an "unavailable" message. This is way too confusing.


b) But I also don't want to have to remember for each assignment to go online at the particular time and day, and then click publish at the exact time when I want the item to become visible.


How can I fix this?