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Question asked by Peter Hesse on Aug 23, 2017

Hi all,


This post is an offshoot of a post I did a couple days ago. (User getting blank screen when launching LTI app ). I'm having a new issue in Internet Explorer (11). When I click on my app, I get a message:


When I inspect the page (F12), the only message in the console is "Access Denied". Google has many suggestions, most of which I've tried without success. The page doesn't work in other browsers - Chrome gives me a blank screen (see above link), and Firefox puts up a certificate error. This occurs at the beginning of the day, and then at some point it resolves and starts working. So far no luck on discovering what exactly causes this to resolve itself.


One other point: We recently installed ADFS and are now using federated logins. That was just implemented in the past couple of weeks. The normal flow on the first try of the day is to display the federated login screen, and then after logging in, the app is displayed. Manually logging in to the SIS does no good.