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Can a separate Test Grading Scale be included in the Canvas Gradebook?

Question asked by Ronald Ruiz on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by Kona Jones

I would like to include a test grading scale in my Canvas online course grade book. It would look something like this:


40-45 questions answered correctly: 12 points

36-39 correct: 9 points

31-35 correct: 6 points

27-30 correct: 3 points

26 or less: 0 points


I wish for the "Total" column in the Canvas Gradebook to only include a test point total based on this grading scale, and not the "raw" test score performance (example: 45 questions answered correctly = 45 points, etc.).


Many years ago, I was able to do the above using WebCT by creating a separate column in the gradebook (I called it "Test Grades") which converted a 'raw' test score into a 'true' test score based on this grading scale. But, unfortunately, Blackboard bought that company in 2006--and I have been miserable ever since. My question is: Can this be accomplished in Canvas?


Thanks in advance!