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Why can't I see Google Drawings inserted into Google Docs in Cloud Assignments?

Question asked by david boudreaux on Aug 23, 2017
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I am using the Canvas Google Cloud Assignments LTI integration for assignments in my math class. However, when I ask students to insert Google Drawings into the Google Doc assignment, it does not show up in the table cell they are supposed to put their drawing in. It seems like students have to draw in the upper-left hand corner of the Google Drawing box if I want to see what they drew.


When I look at the student's copy of the Google Doc, from the folder where the LTI stores their copy, I am able to see their drawing in the table cell where I require that they insert the drawing. I can double-click on the drawing and see the image there as well. But if they student draws their illustration in the middle of the Google Drawing box, I cannot see the drawing in speed grader.


Why does the integration into speed grader skew the Google Doc as it shows certain things like images, drawings, and special characters?