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How To Create Individual Learning Spaces?

Question asked by Andrew Murray on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Camela Giraud

My goal is to create a space in Canvas for each student to demonstrate their learning. Every student’s space would begin with a ‘template’ copy of the content and instructions I want them to have. From there, each individual student could edit the content in their own unique way, which I could easily access and provide feedback. Each student would not be able to see each other’s spaces (or at least would not be able to edit each other’s spaces).


So far, my best attempt at achieving this has been creating a Group for each student and filing it with the content I would like them to start with. The problem, however, is that I seem unable to duplicate this Group ‘template’ for other students. Consequently, I would need to copy and paste the content some 72 times into 72 different Groups for each of my individual students. Is there a way to duplicate or copy a Group’s content, which I could then add to another Group?


An alternative could be to create a Page for each student and allow students and teachers to edit it but this allows any student to edit the page, which could be problematic. Is there a way to select which student has access to a particular page?


I am also aware of the Collaboration feature, but our School does not allow Google integration and Etherpad will not be sufficient to handle the images, tables, and content I want to use with the students.


Any ideas on how I could facilitate this type of learning
using Canvas?


Many thanks for your consideration,