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Is it possible to create a link on one page to a specific place on another page

Question asked by Amy Brosius on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Danny Wahl

Hi, I have to share some information that I will put on one of my canvas sites with some tutors who don't have access to canvas. My thought was to keep all of this information on one page, which can then be very easily copied and turned into a pdf. That way any changes made can be done right on the Canvas site and then new updated pdfs can easily be made. However, from the students' point of view not all the information on this page will pertain to each of them and the page will be very long and unwieldy. My thought was to create specific pages for each group involved and then include on them links to the specific information that pertains to them on the main long page. Is it possible to link to a specific place on a page?