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Bulk Grade IMports via API

Discussion created by Chris L on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Peter Love

We are migrating course data into Canvas from a different vendor and need the ability to import existing grades in bulk via API (not thru the UI).


We've identified the following bulk_update API but are running into trouble executing successfully. 

Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


Our courses have a number of assignments and we need to send grades for each student for each assignment. Based on API docs, it seems that this endpoint does what we need.

  • POST /v1/courses/{course_id}/submissions/update_grades


From the documentation, we specify the posted_grade and assignment_id which has the student id included in they key name.

  • grade_data[123][posted_grade]=92
  • grade_data[123][assignment_id]=23456


When we execute this POST, we get the following error which we think is related to the assignment_id kvp.



"errors": [
"message": "The specified resource does not exist."
"error_report_id": 4065


Has anyone used this API endpoint before who can offer some guidance? Or, is there some other API that we can use to bulk import the grades?