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Canvas and Clever and Infinite Campus Confusion

Discussion created by Lisa Risch on Aug 29, 2017
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   Today was our first day back with teachers and our 2nd year of Canvas Implementation in grades 6-12. 

   Teachers still do not have their 2017-2018 Courses because of the finger pointing going on between Canvas, Clever and Infinite Campus. 

   Certainly other schools are in this situation. How do you handle terms in your SIS import? We talked to one school in our state that ditched Clever altogether and wrote their own script for Pete's sake!  We are resorting to an import with no terms defined (hopefully active for teachers tomorrow) and we may have to manually enter terms.  We've worked closely with our rep and Canvas support. They say their hands are tied. Clever support says it's the fault of Canvas. Infinite Campus is infinitely hard to work with when it comes to collaboration with Canvas.....especially grade passback, right?

   So, what gives? Why am I working a 16 hour day to ensure that my teachers can get into their classes in time for the first day of school with students?

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