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Canvas please add more computing horsepower this time of year

Discussion created by Joe Allen on Aug 28, 2017
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So if you are like me, this is the crazy busy time of the year getting our district and Canvas ready to open the school year.  We're loading thousands of courses, hundreds of thousands of student enrollments from our SIS, more than a hundred thousand parent observers, thousands of teachers are copying their courses from last year to this year's shells and we're trying to use the new blue print courses to push out content and set default course settings.  All par for the course and we've done it before.  Here is the trouble....     I'm not sure I've ever seen Canvas slow like it is now.  I know its because we are putting a lot of volume through as are probably most Canvas customers.  We are doing APIs like crazy, including the Blue Print courses, but I think there are limits on how many can go through per hour and I think the collective Canvas user base, not just our district are adding to the performance loss.


Given this level of volume is predictable, can Canvas add some computer processing horsepower to handle the increased load?  I think they call that server or processing elasticity.  Our teachers and staff get a little discouraged when they experience delays that they don't typically see using Canvas through the rest of the year and this is the time of year when we need to impress the most.