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How to best keep faculty from courses

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Aug 30, 2017
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We are new to Canvas, and will start training our faculty in October.  We want to give faculty Canvas access to only the training course and a sandbox shell in Canvas.  When they complete the training, we will give them access to their 'real' courses so they can start migrating/ building their content.


We are also currently setting up an integration with our SIS so that courses & enrollments will be created automatically.  So during the time faculty are doing their training, their real courses will already be there, and they will be enrolled in them as instructor. 


We are looking for the best/simplest/easiest way to allow faculty to access to the training course and sandbox course, but not have access to their real courses. I heard someone at InstructureCon say that they added a letter to an ID in Canvas to keep them out of their real courses.  They then removed the extra letter from the ID when the instructor was done with training, and when the integration updated, it gave the instructor access to all their classes.


We are looking for clarification of this process, or other ideas on how to allow delimited access. 


Many thanks.