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What can't instructors do on an iPad?

Question asked by on May 18, 2015
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With the Speedgrader and Canvas apps, and given that Canvas unofficially works on Safari and Chrome mobile browsers, which instructor tasks should NOT be attempted on an iPad?


Here's a preliminary list:


  • Speedgrader app
    • Can’t upload files to student assignment comments (this is most often used when a student emails you their paper rather than uploading on Canvas)
    • Doesn’t display Google Doc submissions when grading…no way to view in the Speedgrader app…would have to open the Canvas app or use a mobile internet browser


  • Canvas app
    • Can’t create a new Assignments and Quizzes
    • Uploading documents is unintuitive (need to find file in another app and then choose “Open in” Canvas)
    • Doesn't support Conferences, Collaborations, Outcomes, Course settings


  • iOS internet browser

    • Although possible, use of Canvas from a mobile web browser is NOT officially supported by Canvas – unclear which features will or won’t reliably work
    • Anything that requires Flash won’t work (uploading Word/PDF/PDF’s; recording & uploading media into Announcements, Pages, Conferences)


In your experience, are there additional instructor tasks to avoid when using an iPad?