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Can Course Members Join a Conference Without an Invitation?

Question asked by Lawrence West on Aug 30, 2017
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I am holding twice-weekly online office hours using the Conferences tool. I would like to suppress the notifications that Canvas sends out when I create a conference and invite everyone in the course. I am wondering if there is a combination of settings when I create the conference that will let me do this.


I currently create the conference and leave the Invite all Members box checked. The conference gets created. I guess the key to my question is whether a student can join a conference without being invited. I.e., if I create a conference and uncheck the Invite All box and do not select any individuals can someone navigate to Conferences while the conference is active and join? I've experimented with this to the extend I know I can create the conference but don't really know if anyone can join it. I have coached my students on how to suppress the conference notifications if they don't want to receive them but I'd prefer to have a sequence more like traditional office hours where the door is open but I'm not calling the whole class to tell them I am there.


Update: I tried to experiment with this by creating a no-invitation conference and then switching to Student View but was blocked when attempting to join the conference from the Student View. This view doesn't seem to have access to conferences.