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Bulk Change Observer Notification Preferences

Question asked by Matt Watson on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2017 by Matt Watson

Our SIS dumped in parents as observers in all of our courses. This is fine, but it automatically makes the notification frequency set to "Notify me right away" upon grade changes. We would prefer the parents have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving notifications if they choose.


Is there a way to mass change all observers' notification settings to "Never"?


I should note that I've tried to accomplish this with a few tools already to no avail. I'm relatively new to Postman, but I don't see an obvious and easy way to pull in all our current course's observers and change their notification preferences at once. This feature is not already built into this Python Canvas API wrapper (which I love by the way), and I'd prefer to know if a relatively simple way to do this has already been discovered before I embark on tinkering with it.