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Is it possible to allocate specific assignments to External Examiners?

Question asked by Matt Elphick on May 19, 2015
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Hi all,


At present we send physical copies of assignments to our external examiners (EE) to review. The usual rule of thumb is that all assignments that received firsts, fails and borderline marks (plus a random sample) are seen by the EE, so that in a batch of 50 essays, perhaps only 20-30 will be reviewed.


I've been looking for a way of replicating this process in Canvas, but at present am drawing a blank. It seems as though it's case of all or nothing. I've had a look at the Observer role, but this looks as though it gives access to a student on a global level, where as we'd like this on an assignment level.  Have any of you had any luck in being able to allocate specific assignments (once they've been marked) to an EE? Some of our tutors are concerned that if the EEs have access to everything they'll get overwhelmed.


Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received!


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