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What happens with Conversations of old courses?

Question asked by Cliff Cunningham on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by Kona Jones

Hey, all:

Two questions...

First... the more specific question: What happens to the Canvas conversations associated with old courses? (I think I know the answer. But, I can't find documentation to confirm.)

I think the answer is... In the Inbox, under the course selector drop-down button... there is a subheading "Concluded" that would allow you to select (filter) the conversations by any concluded course. 

If that is true, then faculty won't lose any of those old conversations in old courses.


Second question... bigger-picture (and related to the first question): Could you guys (Canvas) put together a single, primary, info page on the Inbox?

I went to Canvas's Answers page. I searched on "Canvas Inbox". And, I encourage you to go try that. It's really weird. Here I am, trying to learn about the Inbox. I search on "Canvas inbox". And, the first search hits are:

1) Is there a size limit for attachments for Canvas Inbox messages?

2) And idea-suggestion for "Keyword Search in Inbox"

3) a complaint from a user about the Inbox

4) another idea-suggestion about being able to "Attach files from Inbox"

5) how do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an observer?

6) another idea for "show complete course name in Inbox"

7) something about the Canvas mobile app


Just... really... not very good hits on a simple, obvious, up-front search: "Canvas Inbox"

What I was looking for is some kind of initial landing page that would explain the feature in some large detail, with a bunch of links to all the related sub-topics.


Thx for any info on either/both question.



University of Wisconsin-Madison